Ancient Egyptian gods “G”

Geb: He is one of Egypt’s oldest deities and a member of the Ennead (the group at Heliopolis). He is the brother-husband of Nut (Goddess of the Sky). The story goes that Re commanded Shu (God of the Wind) to separate Geb and Nut. This separation caused Geb to weep uncontrollably and thus the oceans and the seas were created. Geb is usually depicted as a man and sometimes shown in a prone position weeping for Nut. However, he was given the honor of being Osiris’ father and also of Isis, Seth and Nephthys. He is known as a curious god and this in turn caused him some turmoil. In one instance he was said to have opened a box which contained the sacred “Uraeus of Re” and this caused him to be burned and his companions to be killed via the serpent. The Phakussa Stele tells the story of how he fell in love with his mother Tefnut and once his father Shu died he was able to locate his mother and raped her. He was never punished for this act but most surprisingly he was able to continue to be admired as a ruler throughout his time.

The throne of Egypt was always considered Geb’s and all future kings claimed to be his descendent in order to capture on that status.