Ancient Egyptian gods  “P”

Ptah: This god dates back to the earliest dynastic eras of ancient Egypt. He is sometimes referred to as Ptah-Sokar in the double form and sometimes as Ptah-Sokar-Ausar in the triple form. His theology was pretty difficult to understand to the average Egyptian of that time. It appears that he was known as the only true god and all others were created from his will. He was known as the god of ethical and moral order in the world and also called the “Lord of Truths.” His cult center was Memphis. He is shown as a man of fair color with mummy wrappings and a huge collar. He was also known as the patron of architectural monuments that were started in the Old Kingdom and thus is regarded as the god of artists and craftsmen. He is worshiped in several cults and as such had a separate building to himself in the temple precincts of Karnak.