Anedjib The Pharaoh

History can be exciting! One of the most talked about periods in ancient history, is during the time of the Pharaohs, their rule, and their accomplishments and military conflicts while on the throne.

One particular Pharaoh of great discussion is Pharaoh Anedjib. He is also known as Adjib and Hor-Anedjib, Hor-Adjib, and even Enezib. Pharaoh Anedjib was a Pharaoh born in Egypt and he ruled during the 1st Dynasty. It is thought that he reigned for about 26 years by some; however, more recent historians indicate that this reign was closer to 8 or 10 years. There is not much information regarding his family; however, it is believed that he took over his father’s crown, whose name was Pharaoh Den.

Like his father, the Pharaoh Den, Anedjib’s also wore what was called the double crown of Egypt. The crown was actually two separate crowns with the top crown being white in color, and the bottom crown red. The top crown represented the upper half of Egypt, and the bottom crown represented the lower half of Egypt.

Research indicates, that it was rather unlikely that Pharaoh Anedjib ever had true control of the Northern Part of Egypt. There was evidence of what was called “constant rebellion” against Pharaoh Anedjib’s reign. It was at this time that Pharaoh Anedjib gave himself the title of “The Two Lords” to convince all of Egypt that he truly did have control of both parts of Egypt and to try and persuade his enemies with this label.

Even though Egypt at the time was divided in half by the worship of two different gods, Horus and Set, Pharaoh Anedjib did everything in his power to convince the people that he was the Pharaoh over all the land.

About half way through his reign, Pharaoh Anedjib is thought to have married a woman called Queen Betrest, who was a descendent from the lineage of the Memphite line of famous Kings. There is still ongoing research for more evidence on this thought process. Another royal person who is thought to be in his lineage is Semerkhet; however, this has not been clearly identified.

His tomb is considered to be the most poorly constructed tombs ever built for a pharaoh. It was built in Abydos, and was extremely small measuring only 16m by 8m, including a 7m by 4.4m funerary chamber which was made entirely of wood. Wood back then in Egypt was considered an extreme luxury, which makes one wonder why they would use such luxury inside a poorly made tomb.

A few stone vessels were discovered at Abydos that showed clear evidence that someone had tried to erase Pharaoh Anedjib’s name from history, which suggests a great yet unknown dispute that may have occurred. Either way, Pharaoh Anedjib is remembered as a Pharaoh of many conflicts, and one with a family history of great mystery yet to be discovered.