Ramses II: Ramses The Great


Ramses II was one of the greatest Ancient Egyptian pharaohs who reigned in the 19th Dynasty. This pharaoh is sometimes referred to as “Ramses the Great” due to his great accomplishments and to his long reign over Egypt; his reign lasted over 90 years. He was born a son of a pharaoh; thereby, receiving the throne after his father’s death. Ramses II went on accomplish much more than his father or other pharaohs had done before or after him.

Ramses II is known not only as “Ramses the Great,” but also as a great warrior, builder, family and religious man. In all these categories he seemed to excel. We know this due to the many temples that are still standing today. The hieroglyphics of Ancient Egypt capture and list the various accomplishments during his lifetime and gives us a snapshot of his life journey and undertakings throughout his life. Due to the hard work and diligence of many Archeologists and Egyptologists over time, we have come to discover even more about this great king. Just recently, the discovery of his mummy has given us more information on the physical being that ruled from 1279 BC to 1213 BC. It has helped to further close the gap on how he may have lived and looked.

We know of the volatile political climate that existed during his reign due to the many writings that have survived the test of time. These writings have given us insight into the man as a political being and how he controlled his kingdom and how he managed to outsmart many of his enemies. It is these writings that have also given us insight into the many great monuments that he left behind and were constructed under his reign. The standing monuments that he left behind attest to the greatness of the man and his ability to carry forth such feats during a time of political unrest and attacks and yet managed to hold his power over such a great territory.

In addition to the many political and asset building attributes his empire acquired during his reign, he fathered over 100 children and had many wives; his chief wife was Nefertari. Today, we know that he outlived at least 12 of his sons and most probably countless wives and grandchildren during his lifetime.

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